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Flood Funding – Tories get it wrong – again

by Peter Harris on 11 December, 2017

In October, Southwell Town Councillors were astonished to be accused of dragging their feet over funding of flood defences. The accusation came from one of  Southwell’s own District Councillors claiming that the Town Council had been pontificating when it should have been first in the queue. In fact the Town Council was indeed the first […]

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Report from Kelham Hall – and update on Southwell flooding

by Peter Harris on 27 September, 2013

Flooding matters A large part of Julian’s time in the community after the flood in late July was taken up first in tracking the flooding through from Halam Road Leeway Road etc through Lower Kirklington to Archers Field and Crafts Way – this was reported back through the Flood Forum.     Do see some […]

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Planning our town for the future

by Peter Harris on 1 February, 2013

Wouldn’t it be better to get Southwell people planning what we want for Southwell – rather than what other people from elsewhere think we want – see this video?

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Christine Thorby the Inspector for the District Council’s plans for the Southwell area will carry out her inspection 11-13th  and 18-20th December 2012. at Kelham Hall. She has said that she will be asking three questions on Southwell: Would the scale, density and greenfield location of allocated sites be appropriate and contribute to the sustainable […]

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The appointed Inspector is Christine Thorby MRTPI, IHBC, who will conduct the Examination of the District Council’s plan for housing around the edge of our town. She determine whether the Plan is ‘sound and legally compliant’, and she will submit a report on this to Newark and Sherwood District Council. The Inspector has decided that […]

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My report from the District Council Sept 2013

by Peter Harris on 13 September, 2012

The District Council is now controlled by a group consisting of the 22 Conservatives and 2 Independents who have a joint group meeting. There are Labour [15], Independent [4] and the Liberal Democrat groups [Christine Rose Sutton-on-Trent, Julian Hamilton Southwell East and Upton and Peter Harris, Southwell West] There are usually no meetings of the […]

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Tories vote for new housing estates in Southwell

by Peter Harris on 7 September, 2012

Yesterday, the District Council decided not to amend its plans for housing in Southwell, and made one small alteration to the plan for the industrial estate on the east of the town, south of Crew Lane. Despite many comments from Southwell residents and groups to the Council, saying that the Council had not listened to […]

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I am disappointed, but, I’m afraid, unsurprised that we are not selected as one of the 27 towns to be supported in the Portas Project. I did not think that the application made on behalf of the town by the N&SDC was at all strong. However, now that we are not part of the High […]

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There has been much discussion about the N&SDC’s proposals for a significant expansion of the town. Despite over 200 responses to their original proposals, the District Council pressed ahead with its plans for new housing estates of 4-5 bedroomed houses on the west and south of the town. The Town Council has objected to these […]

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Report from the District Council Chamber July 2012

by Peter Harris on 18 July, 2012

Report from Peter Harris District Councillor July 18 2012 Julian Hamilton and I have been able to attend most meetings of the Council recently. The Council meeting was Tuesday July 17 so apologies for the late publication of this report. Council Tax base and rebates One issue of importance to the Town and many of […]

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