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Flood Funding – Tories get it wrong – again

by Peter Harris on 11 December, 2017

In October, Southwell Town Councillors were astonished to be accused of dragging their feet over funding of flood defences. The accusation came from one of  Southwell’s own District Councillors claiming that the Town Council had been pontificating when it should have been first in the queue. In fact the Town Council was indeed the first […]

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Report from Kelham Hall – October 2013

by Peter Harris on 19 October, 2013

The District Council met on Tuesday Oct 15. There have been no meetings of any main committees that I have attended since the September, as there are so few meetings now of the Council and its Committees now. I will continue to send direct messages from the Council Chamber as the Council have now stopped […]

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Report from Kelham Hall – and update on Southwell flooding

by Peter Harris on 27 September, 2013

Flooding matters A large part of Julian’s time in the community after the flood in late July was taken up first in tracking the flooding through from Halam Road Leeway Road etc through Lower Kirklington to Archers Field and Crafts Way – this was reported back through the Flood Forum.     Do see some […]

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For four years, I have been been calling for more action to tackle the state of our roads after years of neglect by subsequent Tory and Labour administrations at County Hall. Miraculously just days before the election this Thursday the Conservatives have announced they intend to alter the way in which they repair roads. Our […]

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County Council ditches 20mph

by Peter Harris on 16 April, 2013

It seems that the County Council has given up on residents’ calls for a 20mph zone in their residential areas. Sadly, despite calls for a slow speed zone across Southwell, the County Council has ceased to implement a 20mph zone anywhere in Southwell. Now, they even say that they are  not prepared to have one […]

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Still no response on the condition of our roads!

by Peter Harris on 8 April, 2013

Despite reminders and requests, the County Council have still not responded to my request for their own assessment of the condition of roads. I will let you know when the County Council publish their assessment – and you can read what they say about the roads – and if the Conservative controlled County Council has […]

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I want to see community pubs across Southwell and Caunton thriving. I am very pleased to see that the Department of Communities and Local Government DCLG has announced a fund of £150,000 for ‘Pub is the Hub’ which supports community pubs to innovate and expand their services to offer more to the local community. Additionally […]

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Is this the worst road in Nottinghamshire?

by Peter Harris on 2 April, 2013

  The Conservatives have already admitted publically that ‘they have gone backwards’ in repairing roads in Nottinghamshire since they promised four years ago to repair our roads. I seem to have discovered one of the very worst roads in the County – Arnold Avenue in Southwell. Within a space of twenty metres there are fifteen […]

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Southwell and Sutton-on-Trent Police Officers believe local motorists may be able to help them with an investigation into stolen Easter Eggs. Four pallets of chocolate eggs were stolen from a lorry which was parked on the A1, at Weston, near Egmanton. The incident took place between 10.30pm on Wednesday 20 March and 5.30am Thursday 21 […]

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So many residents have complained to me about the state of the roads, I have asked Nottinghamshire County Council to inform me of their own assessment of the roads in Southwell and Caunton. I have regularly reported significant potholes all across our area – one of the latest here. It is very disappointing to see […]

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