Peter Harris

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Our vision for Newark and Sherwood District Council

The Conservative controlled District Council has one of the highest tax bills of any District Council. We will keep bills down by cutting red tape and axing the Tory’s spin machine.

Cracking down on crime is a key priority for the Liberal  Democrats. We will work to make sure that we keep our local Police based in our neighbourhood.

We will reverse the Tory decision to reduce our Leisure Centres. We will make sure that our Leisure Centres are the best they can be.

Many of our roads and pavements are in a terrible state of disrepair. We will make sure that every penny spent is properly used to improve our streets and not wasted on grand schemes.

We will take action to make sure that Newark Hospital is open for 24 hours to treat local people locally. We want our health service to be available here.

We will take further action to make sure that housing is attractive with good local shops and schools. We will consider the environment in everything we do. We cannot allow huge new estates to be built without proper local facilities there too.

We will take action to improve Newark’s schools. We want to make sure that youngsters can attend excellent local schools rather than having to travel miles.

We will make sure that local communities can take decisions over things that concern them. We oppose how both Labour and Conservative councils want to keep power to themselves.

We will explore trying to re-open post office facilities in areas where they have closed. Other Councils have made sure that local facilities are kept open in villages and communities.

We will do all we can to help families and businesses through
the tough economic times that we are facing. We will support local business to create local wealth here.

We will work with other councillors in the best interest of our area. The Liberal Democrats are the ONLY party who have worked with both Labour and Conservative councilors in the Council Cabinet.