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Follow up to the Plan Meeting – your questions answered

by Peter Harris on 20 May, 2013

The Town Council held a public meeting on May 16 on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan heading

A Neighbourhood Plan is the one remaining way in which the residents of Southwell could shape the future housing developments for the future. The town wants to have the backing of residents before committing time from volunteers in producing a Plan.

There are a number of very important benefits of producing a Plan.

These include allowing Southwell rather than Kelham Hall to choose where new houses, shops and employment would go in the future, addressing the infrastructure needs of the town to support new housing, reviewing the provision of open spaces, play areas and allotments and make new provisions where deemed necessary, and receiving 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy rather than 15% capped at £100 per dwelling. [For example, a site of 20 houses would produce £100,000 instead of £2000 for the town to spend on infrastructure requirements]

There is more information on and an opportunity to vote Yes to develop a Plan. The costs of the plan development will come from money that the District Council already has received over £25,000 from the Government to support the Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan web heading

There are over 550 communities that are in the process of writing a Neighbourhood Plan.

There will be display at the Library on Saturday May 25 from 10am to 12 noon when there will be an opportunity to ask further questions and vote to have a plan for Southwell.

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